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Pat Johnson, DTM, PIP

Leaders & Development – Spring Conference Session

2014 Spring Conference Educational Session General Session: “What Leaders Are Made Of” Across the world today we hear the cry for leaders in all … [Read More...]

Brian Blalock

ABCs of Toastmasters – Spring Conference Session

2014 Spring Conference Educational Session As a Toastmaster, I’m constantly asked, “How can Toastmasters help me?” I smile as I share how the … [Read More...]

Phillip Woody

Successful Job Searches – Spring Conference Session

2014 Spring Conference Educational Session Most people are familiar with the five P’s of task accomplishment: Prior Planning Prevents Poor … [Read More...]

Victor Gascon, DTM

Effective Evaluations – Spring Conference Session

2014 Spring Conference Educational Session To many novice speakers, the word “evaluation” brings back painful memories. Images of brutal remarks … [Read More...]

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Intro to Toastmasters Demo Meeting

Communication is Essential Public speaking is an important life skill. You'll need to master it for many situations. Communication is what … [Read More...]

BenefitFocus Toastmasters Club

The Low Country added a new club in September 2013 welcoming BenefitFocus Toastmasters to the District.  BenefitFocus is a corporate club located on … [Read More...]

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Dues Are Due

Now is the time to renew your Toastmasters membership.  If your club renews 13 members by March 15, the club will qualify for a $25 District Store … [Read More...]

Wynne Smith

ScanSource earns Select Distinguished Award & 1+1

ScanSource Club of Greenville SC held their Open House on January 14 and received two special awards. These were the Select Distinguished Award … [Read More...]


Body Language by Christine de Vlaming

Christine de Vlaming presented Body Language at the December meeting of the Upstate Officer's Club. Recorded and condensed into this short snappy … [Read More...]

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Revitalized Educational Program


Revitalized Education Program Coming to Your Club

Pat Gann, DTM, PDG, is District 58's Chief Ambassador for the Revitalized Education Program. Pat is leading a group of Ambassadors who will be … [Read More...]


Revitalized Educational Program interview

Toastmasters is performing an in-depth review of the Toastmasters educational program. This comprehensive review started back in 2009. The goal is to … [Read More...]

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Education and Training

District 58 Final 7

District 58 Toastmasters is approaching May Mayhem. On May 2nd and May 3rd, District 58 will have the District Finals for the 2014 Table Topics and … [Read More...]

LOCO Announces Special Moments of Truth Presentation

The Low Country Officers Club (LOCO) announces a Special Presentation of the Moments of Truth. This presentation will be done by Immediate Past … [Read More...]

Ryan making a point

What I learned with Ryan Avery

Ryan Avery presented 'How to make it a Great Speech' in Columbia. He demonstrated exactly how we can be more compelling. Much of his content … [Read More...]

avoid saying um

How to avoid filler words, ya know, like, um.

Steven D. Cohen is an award-winning speaker who teaches Oral Communication in the Workplace at Harvard Extension School. He says one key tip is: … [Read More...]

Ryan Avery

Ryan Avery – 2012 World Champion Public Speaking in District 58

During the 2012 International Convention in Orlando, Florida, Ryan Avery won the Toastmasters International Speech Contest becoming the 2012 World … [Read More...]

Nikki Stone speaking

5 Secrets to Looking Confident While Speaking in Public | Nikki Stone

Nikki shares some excellent confidence tips. In the past 19 years as a speaker, I've found that there are five tools I've used to demonstrate the … [Read More...]

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